Monday, January 9, 2012

7 Tips for Planning a Summer Vacation

Each likes to travel during the summer. Children are dropping out of school, the workload is not so high, and the airlines compete for your business. As Americans we are working between 8-12 hours a day, to rush to work, rush to get the kids, a house in a hurry, to rush to come to dinner and then repeat the whole process all over again the next day. We need to slow down and take time to relax. One way to do this is to go on summer vacation. You work hard all year and deserve a vacation even if it's just a mini-vacation. Here are 7 tips to save money when planning your summer vacation.

1. Plan ahead. Plan at least one year in advance for a vacation, especially if you are in debt, has recently come out of debt or living paycheck to paycheck. This way you can save enough money to go on vacation without a debt to pay for it.

2. Find great deals. Shop around to find the best deal. Visit websites such as,, [], [] or http:// / to find cheap prices for hotel, airfare and cruises.

3. Talk. Talking with friends and neighbors about their vacation at this time or the past and find out how they plan their holidays, which ask about discounts or sales that they know about, cheap restaurants, shops, etc.

4. Move quickly. When you hear about holiday sales or discount you must move quickly to take advantage of the deal because they usually do not last long. If you save your money all year so you can take advantage of discounts when they become available.

5. Spend the money. When traveling it is best to buy traveler's checks, they can quickly be replaced if lost. If your credit card is stolen you may not have a credit card that is available for purchase requirement. Buy all that is required prior to travel. Toiletries are more expensive at other locations while traveling. Take a credit card for emergencies only.

6. Buy travel insurance. Buy travel insurance. This will reduce the cost of medical bills that can be obtained if you are sick on a cruise or a flight and prevent you from going into debt.

7. Use restraint. Use restraint when on vacation. Do not buy everything you see in tourist shops or malls. If you know you'll be tempted not even to go to the store. Buy a souvenir or gift items at flea markets or just buy the goods sold.

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