Monday, January 2, 2012

Travel Help! Finding A Flight!

Have experienced where you want to plan a great vacation but you are left with too many sites and the 'big deal' that goes to the inbox or the mailbox that you are left overwhelmed and lose everything that you want to cancel? Ok, maybe it's not that dramatic, but at least there is frustration setting in on something that should be relaxing and it takes? Well, whether it is abroad or next state there is help out there to find the best package for you, at the least not going to give some guidance through the process of planning the perfect vacation.

Now I know there are people out there the money is no object in such an endeavor while there are some out there like me who want a great trip but do not have a wallet that can constantly left open. So I'll tell you about some places that can help you along the way.

* Cheap tickets are the site for both domestic and international flights. You can get package deals on tickets, car rentals and hotels. Mix and match if you want. There are also options for cruises and activities for the location you are looking for. For those who regularly travel so you can sign up with them and get an extra supply and can keep your schedule on the site itself.

* Expedia Domestic and International, but is a little more promising for those seeking a more detailed holiday. Such as you can do activities, cruises, package deals but not as you can plan a trip based only on a specific purpose. Take skiing for example: can find great ski destination and the best price for your budget. They can help with lodging and even tell you where in the area for ski rental. Another thing I observed in my hunt for a great price on tickets is that on average have a lower airfare and transfers less. It can also be seen in a language other than English.

* Travel at yahoo I've been using yahoo for international tickets and they also do domestic. Yahoo is very thorough in planning a trip. You will find activities, cruises, hotel and car rental. Offers a great package and you can plan a trip entirely on activities such as mountain climbing and skiing whatever suits your fancy. Prices vary but I am getting a great price using a yahoo. The only problem I am using yahoo travel is the main client is the United States. I say that because I can not use a bank card from Europe to pay the ticket. I have to use a card issued from the United States. This can be a major inconvenience when you start the point is outside the U.S.

* Priceline In looking through their site I have observed that this site will better suit the tourists from outside the U.S. more. Your departure must come from within the U.S. but it's an international flight. Once again there are package deals on hotels, car rentals and tickets. The site is easy to use and great prices. While he went outside the U.S. offers a better can be found on domestic flights.

This is the most popular place to plan a vacation on the web but there are a lot more out there. My departure is from the Netherlands and therefore I can find great deals with local agencies and the site serves a specific country. Other countries have their own agent that is popular with locals so keep that in mind when planning and traveling. If you have a travel agent or website that you recommend that I did not say by all means leave a comment to say about it. The other thing I want to add is about aviation and in particular, the transfer. I have done both aviation and non-stop flight with a transfer. I personally hate the transfer. A lot can go wrong and when all you want to do is go home to transfer elsewhere could be a problem. An example of this is when I flew back from NY to the Netherlands. I have to transfer in Italy. Flights depart from NY was delayed two hours and because of that flight I was supposed to be in Italy to go without me! I had to wait several hours at the airport for the next available flight to Amsterdam. I went with a transfer flight because it's cheaper but I learned from this experience I will be with non-stop from now on!

Now mind you there are people who do not object to the transfer. You can get great deals with the transfer flight. Some enjoy the experience of going somewhere else while on their way to their ultimate destination. My experiences have shaped my journey from here on out but it is impossible for others. I will have more information about agents, airlines and other things that are relevant for a vacation because I have them, if you have something that others may enjoy all the way to share your secrets!

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