Monday, January 16, 2012

Record Numbers Set to Travel This Holiday

Linknet Travel News Digest - December 21, 2005 - Travel can be expensive this time of year, but AAA is still predicting this will be a record year for travel in the U.S.

This organization estimates that 63.5 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home either for Christmas or New Year. It rose 1.7 percent from a year ago. About 81 percent will travel by car.

Itinerary is assisted this year by the calendar. With both Christmas and New Year falls on a Sunday, which makes for two long weekends, and for many people, one week of holiday reveling.

Still Offering Travel Deals Website

If you wait until the last minute to make a winter or holiday travel arrangements, there may still be deals to be had - despite the fact that most travel sites are usually quite expensive this time of year.

Instead of flying planes with empty seats, airlines will normally turn this seat into an online ticket seller. Since you are dealing with a relatively small number of empty seats, the transaction can disappear quickly. The deal you find in the morning is probably around late afternoon.

Some sites where you can find deals:, and

Be ready to act quickly, and take what you get. Real cheap tickets often have one or two day stay, and are not refundable.

Tips for Travelling with Children

Why not use some of that idle travel time to pack in some learning activities for children. Here are some tips for parents who want their children involved in learning, creating, and exploring.

1. Take a picture book together. Create a family memory book with your child. Sharing memories of family holidays and describe them in this book.

2. Bring some blank note paper or note cards, and help your children make some original greeting card. Describe them with the original image, and add original verses short.

3. Encourage reading during the trip. Bring a few favorite books of your children and encourage your child to read. Discuss the topic before you leave and let the kids help pick the topic.

4. Instead of video or DVD, why not buy a book talk (recorded version of the classic) and play that when you travel.

Passport Required for Caribbean Destination in New Year

The North Port Herald Sun reported that if you are traveling to the Caribbean, Bermuda, Central or South America, you will need a passport since January 1, 2006.

Passports are not required by the destination country. It is necessary to return to the U.S. The new measures have been instituted in the so-called Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, to strengthen border security. Plans also call for a passport is required for travel to and from Mexico and Canada in January 2007, although this policy is currently under review. [] provides a summary of the regular news and article in RSS format.

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